First Meal in the New Year (Ahara Anubawaya) ආහාර අනුභවය


April 14th:  The Auspicious time to take the First Meal for the New Year is at 7.05 a.m. (Dress: White and Blue mixed dress : Auspicious Direction is North)

The New Year table is one of the most important event in Sinhala New Year.  The new year table consist of kiribath, bananas, various kinds of sweets like aggala, kavum, thalaguli, aasmi, kokis, aluwa and many other traditional food items.

The whole family sits around the table and share the kiribath, as the head of the family offers it to all members. After this the oil lamp is lit and the feast commences.

අප්‍රේල් මස 14 වැනි සිකුරාදා පූර්ව භාග 7.05 ට සුදු නිල් මිශ්‍ර වස්ත්‍රාභරණයෙන් සැරසී උතුරු දිශාව ආහාර අනුභවය මැනවි.