The main purpose of this site is to provide you with province-wise and district-wise information about Sri Lanka’s beauty, filled with greenish romantic landscapes, amazing mountains, lush forests, wonderful world famous beaches, beautiful waterfalls, wild life, heritage values and about religious sites on a very quick glance through the site.  Even though Sri Lanka is divided into nine provinces for administration purposes, each province and each district of Sri Lanka has an individual importance and beauty.  Videos and photographs are included for the surfer to get a quick and broad idea about each location.

In addition, very important information, foreign or local travelers’ needs like Hotel Details, Restaurant Details, Cab Services available, Addresses of Shopping Centers, Addresses and Contact Numbers of Police Stations, Hospital and Medical Center Details and Contacts of Grama Niladharis (Village Officers) for each district are separately published in this site.  Besides, tourism information and investment opportunities in each province are offered.  Upcoming events related to tourism are also included in a common place as well as in the related district.

Locations to purchase products specific for Sri Lanka such as Batik, Tea, Cane Crafts and Brass products are listed in this site for quick reference.

Registered Tour Guides’ contact details are given so that travelers can arrange their tours of their wish.

A visitor can get a great deal of important information from this single site very quickly without running through myriad web sites.  We constantly strive hard to make this website your one-stop solution for most of your travel information needs.

Finally, the web site shows visitor-votes for each location in each district, so that new visitors can get an idea about the most popular location of a district or province.