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Pasikudah Beach  pasikudah

Pasikudah Beach also known as Pasikuda Green-Algae-Bay is one of the most famous beaches in Sri Lanka.  The livelihood of the area is fishing. Passikudah Beach is a marvelous place for seaside leisure with its white sand,  shallow waters, coral reefs and palm trees.  Passikudah is the safest beach in Sri Lanka and also is popular bathing spot in Sri Lanka.

Batticaloa Lagoon  baticaloa-lagoon

Batticaloa Lagoon is a very large estuarine lagoon in Batticaloa District.  Batticaloa district has three lagoons such as Batticaloa Lagoon, Valaichchenai Lagoon, and Vakari Lagoon. Among these lagoon, Batticaloa Lagoon is the largest and the most attractive lagoon.  Batticaloa Lagoon increases the natural beauty with lizards, crocodiles, kingfishes, eagles and peacocks.   Birdlife and flowers in Batticaloa Lagoon  is fantastic which includes spoonbills, stilts, several kinds of kingfisher, sea eagles, pelicans and herons.

Batticaloa Old Dutch Fort  batticaloa-fort

The Batticaloa Old Dutch Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1628 and was captured by the Dutch on 18 May 1638.  After that the fort was used by British from 1745.  The unique structure of the fort is that it’s square structure with 4 bastions and also the fort is  bordered by the lagoon on two sides.

Batticaloa Lighthouse  batticaloa-light-house

Batticaloa Lighthouse was built in 1913 and is 28 meters high.  When you reach the top of the Light House you will enjoy the marvelous view and gorgeous surroundings of sea side in Sri Lanka.

More places to visit:

Batticaloa Gate:bat-gate

It is a monument, believed as landing site of Rev. William Ault, who was the first Methodist missionary to Batticaloa, in 1814.

Church of Our Lady of Presentation:

* Religious site, dress code matters


It is one of a landmarks and catholic historical places in the district.

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