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Located in the Indian Ocean geo-strategically, Sri Lanka is a wonderful small island. For administrative purposes, Sri Lanka has been divided into nine provinces and each province has a uniqueness for tourism as well as for investment.  Those are namely, Central Province, Eastern Province, Northern Province, North Central Province, North Western Province, Sabaragamuwa Province, Southern Province, Uva Province and Western Province. Each province has a special importance of religious, heritage, wild, scenic beauty, entertainment or special beaches.  Some areas are so important for festivals such as Kandy Perahara in the city of Kandy in Central Province.


North Western Province



North Central Province


Northern Province


Western Province


Central Province


Eastern Province



Southern Province


Sabaragamuwa Province


Uva Province

Why you should travel to beautiful island Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean and is enriched with two of the most beautiful beaches in the world like Unawatuna Beach and Nilaweli Beach, lush green forests like Sinharaja Forest, Kanneliya Forest and many more, attractive wild life with rare animals and amazing birds, spectacular cities with cool and comfortable climates and ancient monastic sites with great histories.

In addition there are world heritage sites remarked by UNESCO namely Scared City of Anuradhapura in North Central Province, Ancient City of Polonnaruwa in North Central Province, Ancient City of Sigiriya in Central Province, Sacred City of Kandy in Central Province, Golden Temple of Dambulla in Central Province, Old Town of Galle and its Fortifications in Southern Province, Sinharaja Forest Reserve bordering Southern Province and Sabaragamuwa Province and Central Highlands in Central Province.

Apart from the natural beauty that Sri Lanka is blessed with, people of Sri Lanka possesses very warm, friendly and helpful attitudes.  Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate in South Asia and  English language is widely spoken within the country.

Why you should invest in developing Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has the most literate population in South Asia and also well educated, intelligent, energetic workers at competitive wages . Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that has Free Trade Agreements with both India & Pakistan.  Sri Lanka is situated at the crossroads of major shipping routes connecting South Asia, Far East, Pacific, Europe and America.  Sri Lankan government plans to make the country a global strategic hub in knowledge, commercial, naval & maritime, aviation and energy.  Sri Lanka has the most liberalized economy in South Asia and open market Free Economic policies.