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Galle Face Greengall-face-2

Gall Face starches along the coast, in the heart of the financial city of Colombo and is an wonderful place to witness a marvelous sun set over Sri Lanka.


National Zoological Gardens Dehiwaladehiwala

Dehiwala Zoological Garden is one of the oldest zoological gardens in Asia. It has a variety of collection of worldwide animals.  The zoological garden has a small butterfly garden which is decorated with small shrubs, trees, creepers and small streams and also many types of fish in Minmadura.


Independence Square:  independant-square

Independence Square also known as Torrington Square is one of the most important national monuments in Sri Lanka.  This was built after independence was gained from the British rule on February 4, 1948.  The design of Independence Square resembles the Kandyan Audience Hall.  The rows of stone lions that guard this great monument are a unique feature of this Commemoration Hall.

National Museum Sri Lanka:  national-museum

National Museum is the first public museum in Sri Lanka and it is the oldest and largest museum.  It has collection of Antiques, many types of Artifacts’ found from all over the country.  The museum was founded by the British governor of Ceylon at that time, Sir William Henry Gregory. When the national museum was first opened to the public in 1st January 1877, it had a mere 800 items on display. Today that number has grown to over 100,000.

Colombo Fort:  colombo-fort

Colombo Fort was built by the Portuguese and later developed by the Dutch after invading the Portuguese.  Colombo Fort was mainly used by Greeks, Egyptians and Arabian merchants until 1506 for their shipping purposes.  The Portuguese took control of the Colombo Harbour and they built the Fort as a safe guarding mechanism from invaders and named as Colombo Fort.

More places to visit:

Beira Lake:


Beira Lake is a lake in the center of the city of Colombo

Dutch Museum:


Dutch Museum show cases the history of the Dutch colonial rule in Sri Lanka

Port Maritime Museum:


The museum is housed in a former Dutch prison, built in 1676,

Viharamahadevi Park:


It is the oldest and largest park in Colombo

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