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Tourist Attractions,  Places of Religious, Historical Importance

Kalaniya Raja Maha Viharaya:

  • Religious site dress code matters


Kalaniya Temple is one of the most sacred, most beautiful, largest temples of Sri Lanka.

Kelaniya Temple is very imporatant for Buddhists since the Lord Buddha visited the place, after which the dagaba of the temple was built.

Warana Raja Maha Viharaya:

  • Religious site dress code matters


Warana Raja Maha Viharaya was built by King Devanampiyatissa in 307-267 BC and later renovated by King Walagamba.   Tissadatta Therro, who was the first pupil of the Venerable Mahinda as well as the brother of Mahinda Thero had gifted the cave to Mahinda Thero.  Arahath Mahinda Thero brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka.

Gampaha Botanical Garden


Gampaha Botanical Garden also known as Henerathgoda Botanical Garden started in 1876 as to cultivate rubber by British rulers.  Rubber seeds and plants were imported from Royal Kew botanical garden and planted in this land.  Therefore, the first Rubber Tree in Sri Lanka is in Gampaha Botanical Garden.  Later the garden was transformed to a botanical garden.

More places to visit

Negombo Lagoon:


The lagoon is fed by a number of small rivers and a canal.

Horagolla National Park:


There are Dipterocarpus zeylanicus trees (Hora).

Muthurajawela wetlands:


It is special for its unique and highly diverse ecosystem.

Preethi Pura Beach:


A beautiful beach in Sri Lanka.

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