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Jaffna Fort


Jaffna Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1618.   Entrance of Jaffna Fort that was originally built by the Portuguese and renovated by the Dutch on 1680. Buildings inside the fort include the Governor’s residence, Queen’s House, Jaffna, the Garrison Parade Ground, Police quarters and several buildings from the Portuguese era.


Nagadeepa Temple

* Religious site dress code matters


Nagadeepa is an ancient Buddhist temple situated in Jaffna. It is among the country’s sixteen  holiest Buddhist shrines (Solosmasthana).  Lord Buddha visited the site after five years of attaining Enlightenment to settle the dispute between two warring Naga kings, Chulodara and Mahodara.

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Keerimalai Hot springs  


Keerimalai Hot spring also known as  mineral water spring is natural and  is reputed for its curative properties.  This water is not warm but the water is soothing and waves crash against the walls gives an amazing look.

Nilavarai Bottomless Well  


Nilavarai Well  is  a natural underground water well.  It is said that this well is a  bottomless well.  There is a history connected with Nilavarai Bottomless Well  and  the Ramayana, which includes the chronicles of Rama – the seventh avatar of God Vishnu. According to legend, Seetha, wife of Rama, while on the return journey to India was overcome with thirst and as there was no water to be found, Rama had gallantly shot an arrow on to the earth creating a well. Some believe this to be the origin of Nilavarai.

More places to visit:

Archaeological Museum:


The museum houses a rare collection of antiquities

Nallur Kandaswamy Temple:

* Religious site dress code matters


Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil is one of the most significant Hindu temples in the Jaffna.

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