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Iranamadu Tank


Iranamadu Tank is one of the largest man- made reservoirs in Sri Lanka. The Iranamadu tank also known as  the Ranamdu tank was firstly done by King Dhatusena. He made 4 another reservoirs in north of Sri Lanka namely,  Kanakaryankulam tank, Muthiyankattu tank, Kayanth tank and finally Iranamadu tank.

Vattappalai Kannaki Amman Temple

*Religious site, dress code matters


The temple was built in memory of the arrival of deity Kannaki to Sri Lanka. An angry Kannaki from Madurai came to Sri Lanka and travelled around some selected places of Sri Lanka. She was angry, but at the end of the journey she became conciliatory and matronly. The shrine is open for religious enthusiasts from every part of the world.

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