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Samadhi Buddha Statue

 *Religious site, dress code matters


This is the World’s tallest granite Samadhi Buddha statue.  The statue has been made by ancient stone masons from India.  They have used herbal mixtures to make soften and made a gigantic Buddha statue with perfect symmetry.


Ridi Viharaya

*Religious site, dress code matters


Ridi Viharaya or Silver Temple is the place where Silver ore was found and the place called Rajatha Lena.  The silver was used to make the Ruwanweli Maha Seya in Anuradhapura by King Dutugamunu.  As a gratitude  the king built this temple and named as Ridi Vihara or Silver Temple.




Ethagala also known as the Elephant Rock is a giant rock in Kurunegala and its shape resembles a crouching elephant.  The whole Kurunegala can be overlooked from this place like an up flying bird’s view.  On top of the stone there is a huge Buddha Statue.


Panduwasnuwara Kingdom  

*Religious site, dress code matters


During the 12th century Panduwasnuwara was the capital of Sri Lanka but it was only for a very small period of time.  Panduwasnuwara is very important for Buddhists because after bringing back the Lord Buddha’s Scared Tooth Relic to Sri Lanka, it was housed in this place.

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