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Weherahena Temple

 *Religious site, dress code matters


Weherahena Temple is the largest (Buddha Statue) and the first tunnel temple in the world.  In the 20th century Ven. Revatha Thero who got a punishment transfer to Weherahena from his teacher started building the largest Buddha Statue in the world with the help of  Anagarika Dharmapala and villagers.  In addition he got the financial assistance from a donor from Japan.

Matara Fort


Matara Fort was first built by the Portuguese in 1560 and re-built by the Dutch in 1640.  In 1796 the Matara Fort was handed over to British.

More places to visit:

Matara Beach:


A very good beach for relaxing.

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Paravi Duwa Temple:

*Religious site, dress code matters


The temple is in a small island in Matara.

Star Fort:


It was constructed by the Dutch in 1765, and was originally called Redoute Van Eck.

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