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Kiriwehera Temple

*Religious site, dress code matters


Kiriwehera  Stupa was built by King Mahasena and legend says that sword that Prince Siddhartha used to cut His hair at the time of His renunciation was deposited in this Stupa. Further Kiriwehera Temple is very important for Buddhists because as per the Dhatuvamsa the Buddha stopped here for a small time period during his third visit to Sri Lanka before visiting to Tissamaharama

Kataragama Temple

*Religious site, dress code matters


This is one of the popular religious site in Sri Lanka visited both by Sinhalese Buddhists and Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus.  The temple is dedicated to God Kataragama also known as  God Skanda Kumara.  Kataragama Temple is very special and popular to any other Hindu Temples in Sri Lanka because it’s carvings and statues of gods are very specific and very colourful.  All the shrines are made out of rock stones.

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*Religious site, dress code matters


The Buduruwagala consists of seven statues.

Gal Oya Dam:


The dam creates one of the largest and most iconic reservoirs in the country.

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