Beautiful Sri Lanka:

Jaffna District Kilinochchi District Mannar District Mullativu District Vavuniya District


The Northern Province consists of five districts namely, Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mannar,  Mullativu and Vavuniya.  Jaffna is the capital city of Northern Province.  The most tourist attraction of this province is that the most of the islands around Sri Lanka are to be found to the west of the Northern Province. The most popular and largest islands are Kayts, Delft, Karaitivu, Pungudutivu and Mandativu. The province has a number of lagoons, the largest being Jaffna Lagoon, Nanthi Kadal, Chundikkulam Lagoon, Vadamarachchi Lagoon, Uppu Aru Lagoon, Kokkilai lagoon, Nai Aru Lagoon and Chalai Lagoon.

Beauty: Small islands and lagoons

Investment Opportunity: Tourism, Fisheries Industry