Beautiful Sri Lanka:

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Puttalam Lagoon


Puttalam Lagoon is fed by two rivers, Kala Oya and Mi Oya.  The Lagoon harbours marine, brackish and freshwater species, and is considered one of the most productive ‘basin estuaries’ in Sri Lanka.  Puttalam Lagoon is rich with lizards, kingfishes and eagles.  Birds in Puttalam is very beautiful which includes many kinds of kingfisher, sea eagles, pelicans and herons.

Munneswaram Temple  

*Religious site, dress code matters


Munneswaram Temple consists of five other temples namely, Buddhist Temple, Shiva Temple (Central Temple), Ganesha Temple, Ayyyanayake Temple and Kali Temple.  Munneswaram Temple was built  before 1000 CE and the temple associates with Ramayanaya and King Rama.



Kalpitiya is consist of fourteen islands and it is one of the beautiful places in Sri Lanka.  Even if there are fourteen islands Kalpitiya is very popular for its calm and peaceful surroundings and now very popular as one of the best tourist destination in Sri Lanka.  There are many water related activities in Kalpitiya such as Dolphin Watching and Whale Watching.

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